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[Opportunity Identification] [Strategy Development] [Technology Review and Development]
[Human Capital Review and Development] [Process Review and Development]
[Performance Management] [Management Services] [Workshops and Web Seminars]
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Opportunity Identification

+ Contact Center Healthcheck
+ Website and Portal Healthcheck
+ Metric Benchmarking
+ Best Practices Review
+ Missing Products and Services
+ Revenue Gap Potential
+ Product and Service Positioning by Channel
+ Sales Collateral Review

Strategy Development

+ Performance Optimization Planning
+ Sales Strategy
+ Service Strategy
+ Cost Reduction Strategy
+ Channel Distribution Strategy
+ Going International
+ Going Global
+ Budget Review and Development
+ Resource Alignment

Technology Review and Development

+ Configuration and Call Routing Strategies
+ Site Selection
+ Technology Gap Analysis
+ Technology Optimization and Planning
+ Telecommuting Program Evaluation

Human Capital Review and Development

+ Organizational Review
+ Management Bench-strength Evaluations
+ Environmental Assessments
+ Recruitment, Selection and Retention Strategies
+ Staffing Strategies
+ Attrition Analysis and Program Development
+ Lead the Change Implementations
+ Leadership and Mentoring Programs

Process Review and Development

+ Sales
+ Service
+ Guiding Principle Development
+ Multi-channel Functionality
+ Get Your Customers Out of IVR Hell

Performance Management

+ Performance Management Strategies
+ Choosing the right Key Performance Indicators
+ Objectives and Project Prioritization
+ Database Development
+ Standards Development
+ Performance Dashboards
+ Incentive Design
+ Contest Creation
+ Training Review
+ Management Assessment
+ Monitoring and Coaching Program Assessment

Management Services

+ Executive Advisory Services
+ Interim Executive Replacement
+ Management / Executive Search

Workshops and Web Seminars

+ Driving Peak Sales Performance in Call Centers
+ Incentive and Contests
+ Creating the Workplace of Their Dreams
+ How to Reduce Absenteeism
+ Project Planning for Contact Centers
+ Criteria Based Decision Making
+ How to Develop and Deliver a Business Case

Keynote Speaking

+ 20 Strategies of Leading Sales Contact Center
+ Customer Listening Tools
+ Building Customer Loyalty From Within the Organization
+ Shameless Self Promotion
+ The Missing Third Page of Your Resume
+ Customized Speeches