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Make the Complex Simple.
Make the Simple Work
- I.M. Pei, Chinese American Architect

  Performance Transformations, Inc.  


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Performance Transformations Inc. is dedicated to helping organizations identify the
revenue potential resident in all its customer touch points- including the contact center,
website, internet portals, collateral and retail centers. But since revenue gaps often result
from service gaps, we start by looking for and establishing a solid service orientation.

I developed the assessment tools for Performance Transformations Inc. when reviewing
lessons learned over the last 30 years in guiding companies in search of performance
excellence through a myriad of evolving management trends and technologies.

Over the course of those 30 years (yes, I did start taking calls when I was sixteen), and
during the last two years of researching and writing my recent book on peak performing
call centers, I amassed a wealth of new and proven performance transformation
techniques. Many call center consultants have never managed a call center. Many have
only focused on service or sales or technical call centers. I have yet to meet one who
has held every position within a center from representative to executive, as well as
holding top technology and ecommerce positions...I have. This has given me a unique
perspective and enabled me to deliver sustainable results across a wide variety of
industries and disciplines.

I look forward to helping you and your company to be even more successful.
me today.

Peak Performance Workshop

Workshop Mentoring

Mary Murcott is a business transformation executive and consultant, leading high
performance teams in attaining best in class technology, service, sales and economics.

Most recently, she was SVP Technology and Worldwide Reservations for Budget Group.
Ms. Murcott has been instrumental in driving performance turnarounds, startups and consolidations at many companies including DHL, Ryder TRS, and Cox Cable.

Ms. Murcott recently delivered a Keynote at the International Productivity and Quality
Council’s European Consortium in Monte Carlo and The Telecommunications Conference
in New Zealand. She also authored a book entitled Driving Peak Sales Performance in
Call Centers

[Comprehensive Executive Profile] (PDF)

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