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Driving Peak Sales
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What others are saying about Driving Peak Sales Performance in Call Centers

Driving Peak Sales Performance in Call Centers is loaded with practical, compelling
ideas about how to improve sales performance and increase the bottom line. The book
is about people, profits and winning!

Linda Nowlin
Enterprise Services Senior Program Manager
Dell, Inc.

This book should be essential reading for everyone in the call center world. The author,
Mary Murcott, has done her homework and has delivered a revolutionary book on driving
sales in a call center. This is a must read that is destined to become a call center
management classic.

Stacy Smith
Vice President, Direct Bank Manager
Hibernia Bank

Driving Peak Sales Performance in Call Centers is a book that I wish I had had 12 years
ago. It provides a concise yet powerful perspective that would help any call center sales
professional achieve top performance.

Roger K. LaGrone
Vice President, Reservations & Customer Care
Travel Impressions/An American Express Company

Mary Murcott's comprehensive and practical approach to managing the ever-complex
world of call centers is right on target. Driving Peak Sales Performance in Call Centers
is a must read for any professional wanting to maximize the potential of their customer
service and sales organization.

Russ Olivier
Senior Vice President, North American Operations and IT
Hilton Reservations Worldwide

Mary has presented her hard-won insights in a manner that will be immediately actionable
to every level within the contact center - from the COO right through the first line, everyone
who reads this book will know exactly what to do when they get into the office tomorrow!
You don’t have to suffer through a lot of difficult trial and error – Mary has already done
that for you. Her insights form the platform of the action plan she presents so clearly in
this volume. Understand her experiences, follow her advice, and see immediate,
positive results!

Dennis Morgan
Principal-Contact Center Optimization Group

Driving Peak Sales Performance in Call Centers …..Educational, insightful and well written.
This book is a significant business tool for all call center leaders who are interested in driving improved sale performance. It encompasses all of the key elements for driving positive
outcomes: strategy, people and the use of appropriate metrics. It provides the critical
foundational steps for successfully moving your call center organization to its maximum
level of sales performance.

Joy I Labadie
Vice President
Customer Service Support
Budco—The Dialogue Company

Anyone who is involved in the recruiting arena will benefit from Driving Peak Sales
Performance in Call Centers. The strategies concerning Sourcing, Selecting and Retaining
the Right people work.....I know because I have successfully implemented many of these
strategies and seen the results first hand.

Debbie Harding
Employment & Recruiting Manager

Mary proves that the call center environment is not just about technology—it is about people,
processes, information management and decision science. Mary takes a holistic, general
management approach to the call center environment, and strikes the optimum balance
between sales, service and costs.

Vic Macchio
Windward Marketing Group

No matter the size of the call center or how many years of leadership experience one may
possess, the practical wisdom in Driving Peak Sales Performance in Call Centers can be
applied. This book is an excellent road map for improving sales and impacting the total
customer experience positively.

Tracy Romano
Director of Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement
DHL Express

Driving Peak Sales Performance in Call Centers is a “must have” resource for any
organization that is serious about generating revenue from its call center operations.
Mary Murcott has written a truly groundbreaking book that is the first to address this
important topic in depth. This book presents not only a strategic view of driving call
center sales performance, but also includes a multitude of practical tips, advice and
case studies.

Brent J. Carstensen
Customer-Focused Solutions

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